A person with only one magical power, like Maisie's fire, Alex's healing, etc.


Even if telepaths are part of the same “branch”, their powers can vary within the type itself.

An example of such a variation is the powers that the character Damien possesses. He can’t hear literal thoughts, but can instead feel how the brain of the other person works with electrical impulses.

He captures the brainwaves of the other person using his own and controls everything, from what the person is supposed to say to the bodily reflexes. He can make the person fall asleep, vomit, get a nosebleed, laugh, etc, using only a “wireless” connection.

He and other telepaths can see that connection manifest, in shape of smoke slithering out from Damien's eyes and into the other persons.

His powers also give him the ability to seduce someone else at will using his appearance, scent, and aura among other things, giving him an even more dangerous edge.
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