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Alexander, or Alex, was born as the third child in a family of four on January 5th, 2016. He was very calm already as a toddler, kind and caring. His appearance came from his father, but his personality was identical to his mother.

Apart from his older sister Nyla, born as the second child, Alex also had an older brother and a younger sister.


When Alex was six years old, his whole world turned upside down. It was at that age that he lost all his family except for Nyla. They were found, starving and homeless, by a woman named Ramidja. She took them in as her own, became their mother, teacher, sister, and friend.


Alex has the power to heal even the gravest wounds on all living beings. In the first book, Bestulen, he also gains a second power due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Weaknesses & Fears

Alex has lost a lot in his life, which has taken a huge toll on him. He suffers from anxiety attacks and almost OCD-types of behaviors to be able to control it.

His biggest fear is losing himself to the Dark powers, which once stole almost everything from him. No matter what else he may lose, he takes comfort in knowing that his story and his person are things that will always belong to only him. But it doesn’t stop him from being afraid of it, because once that is gone, there would be nothing left to lose.

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Personal song

© Claire Guerreso, Skipping Stones, 2015


Claire Guerreso - Skipping Stones (Cover Art)

Stop the world from spinning around

Feels like the sky is falling down

Can't breathe in, I can't breathe out

I'm afraid that I might drown

Can't stay afloat, I'm just

a skipping stone, an echo on the water

I'm letting go, surrender to the bottom

Another rising tide, another storm to fight

Is this just a wicked game?

Will it wash with the next rain?

Can't give in, I can't give up

I'm trying hard, it's not enough

Throw myself into the unknown